1987 Engineered and commissioned India's 1st Mechanised Brick Plant involving Soft-Mud Moulding Machine and High-Draught Kiln
1991 Installed and operated ( for 1 year ) India's 1st Semi-dry Brick Press ( for clay bricks)
1992 Engineered, commissioned and managed (for 2 years) Maharashtra's most sophisticated Mechanised Brick Plant involving Extrusion Machinery and Hoffmann Kiln
1994 Developed Maharashtra's 1st Flyash-Clay Plant based on Semi-dry Pressing process
1995 Participated in TECNARGILLA '95 held at Rimini (Italy) and visited Rieterwerke, Konstanz and Hans Lingl, Neu Ulm (both in Germany) and plants erected by them, at their invitation
1996 Engineered and commissioned 7 Moving Chimney Bull's Trench Kilns in Maharashtra working on oil-sludge and / or coal as fuel
1997 Basic Engineering and Product Development services provided to Maharashtra's 1st Calcium Silicate Brick Plant based on Semi-dry Pressing & Autoclaving Processes; Engineering and Technology back-up services provided to a Mechanised Brick & Roof Tile Plant set up in Abuja (Nigeria) involving Extrusion Machinery, Chamber Dryer and Tunnel Kiln
1998 Successfully commissioned world's largest cross-section Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK) in Western India with sponsorship from Swiss Agency for Development & Co-operation, Switzerland; Started conducting District Level Workshops on "Mechanisation in Brick Industry - Why & How ?' to promote fuel-efficient and eco-friendly brickmaking technologies
1999 Product development and basic engineering services provided for waste foundry sand based Cured Brick Plant in Maharashtra
2000-01 Designed and completed India's 1st 6-monthly Vocational Training Course on Brickmaking